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Remini Mod APK

The Remini app is an application created using picture-grade artificial intelligence. This application transforms your old, colorless, blurry, pixelated pictures into high-definition, clear, and beautiful images without human input. Using the new updated version provided by Remini, you can significantly enhance the quality of your old photos and videos with just a single click command, achieving a much better result within a few seconds.

Are you troubled by blemishes and wrinkles on your face, and do you hesitate to post your pictures or videos on social media apps because of it? If yes, then it’s time to leave those worries behind because, with the Remini app, all your pictures will be beautiful and clear. 

Many people have old pictures that hold precious memories, and they want to give them a new life in today’s technological era. While there are many photo editing apps on the Google Play Store, Remini is a blessing for those who wish to transform their pictures into a new and enhanced version within seconds, without much effort.

Review About Remini Mod APK Download

The Remini Mod APK is a modified version of a photo editing app that uses AI technology to enhance photos. Bending Spoons released it on July 21, 2019. If you want to understand the flaws in your pictures and improve them, or if you want to use AI to make your old and blurry photos look better, Remini is a good choice.

You can get Remini from the Play Store or Apple App Store to enhance your photo quality. However, downloading it directly from these stores may show ads. The modified version of the Remini app, which you can get from this website with a simple click, removes these ads.

With Remini APK, you can upgrade your low-quality photos to high-quality without interruptions.
Remini app is unique compared to other photo editing apps. The modified version of this website is becoming more popular because it has special features and no ads during photo editing.

Remini APK Features

Remini AI-Photo Enhancer comes with interesting features that are easy for users to understand, making it simple for both beginners and experienced photo editors.

Remini Online Best Photo Enhancer

Our dear memories that we have saved in the form of photos and videos are given a fresh and beautiful look by the Remini app. The movie-grade technology added to the Remini APK uses this fantastic technology to give our old memories a new life. 

remini mod apk old to new look feature

It eliminates the flaws in our old pictures and adds unique and beautiful colors, refreshing our memories in a single go. Therefore, the Remini APK clears up our old memorable pictures, adds colors, and makes our memories feel fresh for many years to come.

Blur To Clear Image

Do you want to clear your blurry pictures? The Remini app allows you to enhance and beautify your blurry photos using its excellent features. The Remini APK, through its advanced movie-grade technology, increases the pixels in blurry photos, resulting in improved clarity and beauty. The AI algorithm of Remini automatically increases the pixel count based on the blur level, eliminating fuzziness and giving the picture a high-quality look.

remini mod apk blur feature

The feature for clearing blurry photos in the Remini app is highly effective and widely used, especially in offices and places with CCTV cameras. If you have taken a picture from a CCTV camera recording and it’s not clear, you can use the Remini app to easily enhance and clear such pictures. That’s why the Remini app has become very popular in recent years. According to the latest updates, Remini has successfully cleared approximately 40 million pictures.

Fantastic Paint Colours

Do you also want to edit your photos like a skilled photographer and turn them into paintings? The feature in the Remini app for this purpose is excellent and fascinating. Because of this feature, Remini stands out from other photo editing apps like Alight Motion Mod APK, Pixellab Mod APK, and similar apps, being different and more widely used.

remini paint effect feature

If you’re interested in entering the world of photography and don’t have much information about it, you can start your new journey easily by using Remini’s app and its features. This feature will enhance your excitement for photo editing. When you apply this feature to your photos, you will certainly derive great pleasure from it.

Facial Focus With Movie-Grade Technology

In Remini APK, a unique feature focuses more on our faces using the new Facial Focus AI Movie-Grade technology. This technology automatically emphasizes all the organs of our face, including eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, cheeks, and teeth. During the picture-taking process, it automatically eliminates any flaws in these organs. Additionally, it completely erases any wrinkles or blemishes on our faces.

remini facial focus technology

This feature in the Remini app enhances the beauty of our faces in pictures, making them exceptionally attractive and stunning. Remini APK doesn’t compromise on even the smallest details; it judges and corrects them precisely. It not only removes the shadows behind our faces but also cleans and beautifies our faces, adding to the overall attractiveness of our pictures.

Enhance your selfie Image With portrait mode

As we all know, the current era is often referred to as the “selfie era.” In our daily lives, we encounter numerous people engrossed in capturing selfies with their loved ones, family members, friends, and significant others. To preserve these memories beautifully, the Remini app proves to be an excellent photo editing application.

remini mod apk facial focus feature

Its portrait mode transforms our selfies into high-quality pictures, making them even more attractive and perfect for sharing with others. You can download the Remini APK without wasting your precious time and enhance the beauty of your selfies effortlessly.

User- Friendly Interface

The Remini app is an incredibly useful and highly utilized application. It is crafted with AI technology, making it easy for users to edit their photos and make them beautiful. The user-friendly nature of Remini makes it exceptionally easy to use. Its interface is designed so that even someone with 0% experience in this field can effortlessly beautify their photos using the app.

 All you need to do is select your image and then choose the filter that appeals to you the most. After that, you give some time for its AI technology to work its magic. You will witness how it transforms your pictures into a new and enhanced form in just a few seconds. With this app, you can edit your pictures and videos without any hassle, taking your picture editing experience to the next level with ease.

Convert Image Into Sketch

Do you want to turn your picture into a sketch? Converting an image into a sketch is undoubtedly a laborious and time-consuming task. But now, you can do this task in just a few seconds with the help of the Remini app. The Remini app uses AI technology to detect your image and quickly transform it into a sketch, making it look like a hand-drawn sketch. Framing such sketch images in offices or rooms can leave a good impression on incoming guests.

Remove Unwanted Objects

remini mod apk

One outstanding and highly attractive feature of the Remini app is that it can remove undesirable elements from your photos/videos. The AI technology in Remini automatically detects unwanted elements and removes them from your pictures or videos, presenting you with a clear and attractive final result. With this app, you can easily eliminate any unwanted objects or individuals from your photos, enhancing their overall appeal.

Add Eye-Catching Color

If someone has black and white (colorless) pictures and wishes to add vibrant colors to them in the present era, there is no better option than the Remini app. Remini is highly sophisticated and adds eye-catching color combinations to your old, colorless pictures, making them unique and beautiful. The AI technology in Remini automatically considers the user’s preferences and behavior, seamlessly adding suitable color combinations to the old, colorless pictures.

remini mod apk feature

Background Remover

If you have photos captured in a location that you don’t like and want to change the background easily, the Remini app can be of great help. Many times, pictures are taken with backgrounds that are not preferred. With the Remini app, you can effortlessly remove the background of your picture and change it to your liking with just a single click.

Bulk Picture Enhancer

If you have a bulk of images and you want to analyze them, the Remini App is the best option for you. In the Remini Mod APK, a feature has been added which allows you to analyze images in bulk using its AI technology. Enhancing pictures one by one can be quite lengthy and sometimes boring, but now with the Remini App, you can enhance your many images all at once using its AI Movie Grade technology to make them gorgeous.

Convert Pictures Into Cartoon Image

Considering current trends and preferences, the demand for a particular feature in the Remini APK is quite high. With this feature, you can transform your simple selfies or pictures into cartoon-style images, adding a unique touch to your photos. Using this feature, you can creatively change and distinctively save your pictures.

remini convert image into cartoon

Improve Video Quality & Size

Remini App not only gained recognition for enhancing and beautifying pictures but also allowed users to edit their videos. With Remini, you can edit low-quality videos by automatically adding pixels to improve their overall quality. Additionally, it enhances the colors in the background of the video and improves any blurry parts. All these changes are performed automatically with the help of AI technology.

Fast Editor Processor

To make Remini Pro APK run faster, it utilizes cloud-based processing. Users will definitely prefer a photo enhancer app that quickly provides edited photos. Therefore, in Remini Pro APK, fast processing is emphasized by integrating a fast cloud processor. This allows it to quickly and smoothly enhance user’s pictures using AI, providing results in just a few seconds, which are significantly better than those of other photo enhancer apps. Now, users don’t need to buy heavy devices for editing pictures.

Show the Preview Changes

When you have completed editing your pictures/videos in the Remini app, it allows you to preview your edits before saving. The preview option is provided on the side of the screen, enabling you to click on it and see the difference between your edited and original photos. It’s always a good practice to preview your edits before saving, ensuring that any potential issues or improvements can be addressed before finalizing the editing process.

Quickly Save and share photos/videos

When you have completed editing your pictures/videos in the Remini app, you can save them offline for later viewing. To view them, you can access your edited pictures through your mobile gallery. Additionally, you can share your edited pictures/videos directly on social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. If you want to make your memories with friends or loved ones more beautiful, you can edit your pictures and share them to enhance your image in their eyes.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and data security should undoubtedly be the top priority for any platform. Similarly, in Remini Online, the utmost focus has been placed on securing and enhancing the privacy of all users’ data. In the Remini App, there is no compromise on user security; all users can enhance their pictures securely within the app. No other user besides the owner can view any picture or video in Remini, nor can the data be leaked out. So, you can easily use the Remini app without any worries or tensions.

What is Remini Mod APK?

Firstly, applications are typically downloaded from their official websites or through platforms such as the Play Store or Apple App Store. These applications come in their original form, meaning that to unlock pro versions or additional features, users often need to pay charges. To address this issue, a modified version of the Remini app has been introduced.

Remini Mod APK is essentially an identical copy of the original version but with all features unlocked that are otherwise locked in the official application, requiring payment to unlock. With the modified version of Remini all features, including those in Remini Premium, are unlocked.

One significant advantage of the modified version is that you won’t be bothered by ads repeatedly showing up while editing your pictures or videos. Now, you can easily edit your pictures without any hassle. The modified version of Remini APK is 100% safe, as it has been scanned by our team using anti-malware platforms, and no viruses were detected.

Furthermore, Remini Mod APK comes with additional features that are sure to surprise you when you read about them.

Remini Pro Mod APK

The Remini app was released in 2021, and after its release, an updated version called Remini Pro Mod APK was introduced. Remini Pro Mod APK came with numerous features that quickly elevated it to the status of one of the top photo editing apps. Over time, updates continued to be rolled out, introducing more interesting features to enhance the app’s capabilities.

Remini Mod APK Unlimited Pro Cards

Remini Mod APK Unlimited Pro Cards

In the Remini app, pro cards are used similarly to how credits are used in other apps. The original Remini app provides a limited number of pro cards, and users often need to acquire more by editing a substantial number of pictures and videos or by purchasing them with money.

 However, in Remini Mod APK, unlimited pro cards are provided, allowing users to edit their pictures and videos according to their preferences without any limitations. With these pro cards, users can adjust their pictures’ brightness, contrast, and saturation as they wish.

 Now, you can easily download the modified version of the Remini app from this website for your Android or iOS/iPad system, giving you access to unlimited pro cards. Using these unlimited pro cards, you can apply various filters to make your pictures look beautiful and delightful.

remini mod apk No Show Watermark

No Show Watermark

Are you bothered by the watermark appearing on your edited pictures? The watermark typically shows up when you install the original app from the Play Store or in certain cases when you don’t upgrade the application.

If you want to edit your pictures or videos without any watermark appearing on them, you can quickly download the Mod APK version of Remini from this website. The modified version of Remini is designed in such a way that no watermark will appear on your pictures or videos after editing.

Remini Mod APK No Ads

Remini Mod APK No Ads

If you are using the original version of Remini, you are likely bothered by the ads that appear. In the original version of Remini, an ad is shown before editing a picture/video, and another one is displayed after editing, causing significant time wastage and inconvenience.

 If you want to avoid this hassle, consider downloading the modified version of the Remini app. The modified version is developed in a way that when you are editing, no ads will be shown, allowing you to edit your pictures without any interruptions or difficulties.

Remini Video Enhancer

Do you want to eliminate unwanted noise from your videos and enhance their clarity? Download Remini Mod APK because it unlocks all premium features, allowing you to easily improve your videos. With Remini, you can eliminate the blurriness in your videos, resulting in a more vivid, crisp, and clear output. This enhancement is crucial for increasing the views and overall quality of your videos.

Remini Mod APK Working 100%

Remini Mod APK Working 100%

You might have come across several Mod APK apps before that don’t work properly, and running them often leads to encountering errors. However, the Remini app has been designed and modified in such a way that you can download it from our website with just one click. A modified version of the Remini app is a 100% safe app, meticulously crafted to be free from all types of viruses.

Our team has developed it under an anti-malware platform, ensuring that no viruses are present. Sometimes users face issues with their internet connection or other problems with the Remini app. To learn how to fix and remove errors in the Remini app, visit our page dedicated to guiding users on resolving issues and overcoming challenges.

Remini Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Are you frustrated with the limitations of Remini’s free features when editing your pictures? In the modified version, Remini Premium Mod APK, you’ll get Remini Premium unlocked. This means you can edit your photos and videos without any hassle, beautifully enhancing them. When you download Remini Mod APK from this website, you’ll find all those premium features that are usually locked when you download Remini from its official website.

In Remini Premium Mod APK, you get all the premium features, including Enhance, Enhance ++, Video Enhance, Descrach Portrait, Face Animate, Mega Bleach, Oil Paint, and more, all unlocked. Additionally, other crucial features like automatic cropping, and removing blur, wrinkles, and blemishes are also unlocked. These features collectively give your pictures and videos a beautiful, captivating, and professional look.

Remini Mod APK Latest Version

The latest and updated version of the Remini app is readily available on this website with just a single click on the download button. In the latest and updated version of the Remini app, you will find all its features unlocked. I can assure you that with this latest 2024 updated version, all your requirements for editing pictures and videos using the Remini app will be fulfilled. This version comes with numerous fascinating and useful features that you will surely appreciate and find helpful.

Remini Mod APK Latest Version Features

Certainly! Here are some interesting Remini Mod APK Latest Version Other Features that make it compelling and easy to use for editing your pictures and videos.

Photo Enhancer

The Remini app is an AI-powered tool designed to automatically detect and enhance the quality of imperfections in our pictures. Its AI technology focuses on our faces, automatically improving the look of all facial features to give them a professional appearance. Editing and beautifying pictures with the Remini app is extremely easy and convenient.

Video Enhancer

The Remini app incorporates an AI machine learning algorithm that automatically assesses videos and detects their mistakes. The AI algorithm works to eliminate the blurriness in the video and also removes any undesirable background noise or unwanted voices. It enhances the video’s resolution, providing it with a clear and professional appearance.


Remini app’s feature automatically detects pictures and increases the pixel count based on the picture’s clarity. The main purpose of this feature is to enhance facial clarity, create smoothness within the face, and illuminate the facial features.

Bring Life to Your Photos: Colorize and Paint Magic

If someone has old pictures of their loved ones, the Remini app can provide great assistance in giving these pictures a unique and eye-catching color, giving them a new and professional look. With this app, you can add colors of your choice to your pictures, enhancing them for a more polished appearance.

Portrait Elegance: Capturing Moments with Style

The Remini app’s feature is very useful. It focuses on our faces and automatically detects and eliminates any blemishes such as spots, wrinkles, and more. It enhances the clarity of the portraits taken with your mobile, making them clearer and more delightful.

remini portrait to clear mod

Remini AI Avatar

Do you want to create an avatar of your selfies? The modified version of the Remini app allows you to create an AI avatar of your selfies. This feature is in high demand among photographers because they like avatars and use them as their display pictures. Remini app’s AI machine learning algorithm detects selfies and transforms the facial features into an avatar.

Remini App System Requirements

To properly use the Remini app, you’ll need to modify your system according to the requirements specified for this app. Below are the system requirements for Remini app for both Android and iPhone.

For Android

  • RAM: A minimum of 2GB RAM is recommended, but it’s best if it’s above 2GB.
  • Operating System: Android version 5.0 is recommended, but it’s best if it’s above this version.
  • Storage: The device should have enough space so that the app can be installed and images can be downloaded.
  • Internet Storage: A proper internet connection is necessary for enhancing images.
  • Permissions: Permissions for the camera, storage, and network need to be allowed on the device.

For IOS System

  • Operating System: IOS 10.0 is recommended, but it’s best if it’s above this version.
  • RAM: At least 2GB recommended
  • Device Capability: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Storage: The device should have enough space so that the app can be installed and images can be downloaded.
  • Internet Connection: A proper internet connection is necessary for enhancing images.
  • Permissions: Permissions for the camera, storage, and network need to be allowed on the device.

I recommend Remini App for several reasons

Downloading the latest version of Remini Mod APK is worth the wait. In the updated version, you get all the features unlocked right away, and along with that, you receive a free subscription to Remini. I recommend using the modified version of Remini because it doesn’t show any ads, eliminating time wastage.

 In Remini’s modified version, you also get all the premium features for free and unlocked. Due to these features, the Remini app is considered the best photo/video editing app at the moment. There are many advantages of the Remini app, which is why I personally use this fantastic app. Some key advantages of the Remini app are shown in the picture, which can help you make the decision to use this app.

advantages of remini app

How to Download & Install Remini Mod APK

  • First, uninstall your old game.
  •  After that, click on the download button provided above. 
  • Wait for a few seconds until the download process is complete.
  •  Go to your mobile storage and search for the downloaded file. Click on the Mod APK file.
  • you need to open Chrome settings on your mobile and then navigate to enable the ‘Install unknown apps’ option.
  •  When you click on the downloaded file, an interface will open with the option to install the file. 
  • Click on the install option, and in a few seconds, the file will be successfully installed.
  •  After that, open the app and easily edit your pictures or videos.

Screenshot Of Complete Downloading Process

remini ap download button
remini mod apk download
chrome setting
click the google button
open the Remini App

Additional Information About Remini App

If you have purchased the paid version of Remini and do not have the funds for the next payment, visit our page on how to cancel the subscription to the Remini app.
Additionally, there is a growing trend in AI Avatar, and the Remini app has added a feature to create avatars, which is very useful and interesting. 
To learn how to create an AI Avatar with Remini, visit our page, where the complete method is explained. By following the instructions, you can easily create avatars from your selfies.

Other Interesting Filters Of Remini APK

Remini app also has many interesting filters that you can use to impress friends or lover ones or to make pranks on each other. Apart from the picture editor, the Remini app offers many filters and features. For example, it includes the “Rimini AI Birthday Filter” that you can use to create birthday pictures of yourself or friends. Rimini’s birthday filter will surely make your birthday celebrations memorable. Also, if you are a new couple or just want to judge yourself during pregnancy as a joke, you can use the “Remini AI Pregnant Filter” to see how your belly looks like during pregnancy. You can make such funny pictures of yourself or your friends.

Linking Remini App with Artificial Intelligence

Bendingspoon designs Remini AI Photo Enhance app to perform all its photo editing processes with an artificial intelligence algorithm. AI has a very important role in today’s technology era and now it is used in almost all fields. What is the best role of artificial intelligence in the photography industry? The picture is enhanced with the help of AI and it makes the picture unique and beautiful by looking at the flaws in the picture. The Remini app also analyzes the image with an AI algorithm to remove the flaws and beautify the image within seconds. Just as AI helps analyze and enhance images, AI image generators are now available that you can use to create custom images. With Image Generator you can create your innovation or create any image that no one has seen or created before.

Remini Mod APK for IOS

Now all photographers who are iPhone and Apple users can install the Remini app on their iOS devices. All iPhone users can now install Remini APK for iOS on their devices and enhance the beauty of their photos and videos through editing. To learn how to install the Remini app on your iOS device and how to use it, visit our page “Remini APK for iOS” for all the related information.

Remini for PC

Remini is an application created using picture-grade artificial intelligence, and it can now be installed on PCs, laptops, and MacBooks. You can easily install the Remini app on your computer or laptop using an Android emulator. To enhance and professionally edit your photos, you can install the Remini app on different Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. To download the Remini app for PC, visit our page “Remini APK for PC” to learn more about which emulators you can use and how to use the app on your PC.

Remini Mod APK Old Version

Many users still prefer to use the old version of the Remini app, as its old versions also operate on photo-grade artificial technology. The old versions of the Remini app come with essential features, especially for those who have older devices with limited storage or less powerful processors.

If you don’t have the latest device and want to edit your photos and videos effectively, you can use the old version of the Remini app. To download all old versions of Remini, visit our page “Remini Mod APK Old Versions” and download the version that suits your requirements.

Pros and Cons


  • The Remini app has an easy and user-friendly interface.
  • it is accessible for users without prior experience in photo editing. 
  • It is considered one of the best photo-enhancing apps, automatically editing photos and videos.
  •  Remini APK is an AI-based application.
  • The modified version of remini doesn’t display watermarks.
  • The modified version of Remini doesn’t display ads.
  •  All premium features are unlocked.
  •  Available unlimited pro cards.
  •  Allowing for quick and efficient photo editing.


  • The Remini app may not effectively enhance very large-sized videos.
  •  it might not work properly on older devices. 
  • In the official version, ads and watermarks are displayed.
  • We are giving users less control.
  •  Additionally, it tends to work more on the front face rather than the side of the face.


Remini Mod APK is a photo-grade artificial technology app that allows you to edit photos and videos. Even with 0% photo editing experience, you can enhance your pictures and videos in the Remini app. The app employs movie-grade technology, automatically increasing the pixel count to clear and beautify your photos.

If you cannot buy a Remini app subscription, there’s no need to worry because, in the modified version of Remini, all premium features are unlocked. The modified version has the added benefit of no ads or watermarks. Additionally, you can also access old versions of the Remini app for download on your device.

Personal Review About Remini App

I had some old pictures of my loved ones that needed editing, and I wanted to bring them into a new form. After researching, I found the Remini app. I added my old colorless pictures to it, and its AI technology automatically added eye-catching and unique colors to those pictures.

When I edited those pictures and saw the results, I was truly amazed. I added many of my pictures to it and shared them on my social media accounts, and people liked them. The premium version of Remini was locked, requiring a subscription fee, so I thought about creating a modified version that everyone could benefit from.

In the current era, there is no better photo editing app than Remini. So, without wasting any time, download this app now and give your pictures a new look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the modified version of the Remini app is free on this website.

The modified version of Remini allows you to edit and beautify unlimited photos.

The Remini app provides a folder in the bottom right corner where you can easily check your previous files.

The Remini app provides you with the option to choose whether you want to store your pictures on the device or share them directly.

Remini uses its AI picture-grade technology to automatically increase the resolution of original pictures by 2 to 3x, making the pictures clearer.